1, 2, 3... Smile!!!


Sorry if you were looking for this you have come to the wrong gal.


Let’s be honest, none of us really overly love being photographed but we want a way to keep special memories. Neither do we naturally walk around with a stunned and painfully strained smile like when your ‘tech-savy’ mum asks to take a photo of you on her new iPhone.


So let’s not!


Let me have a chat with you, a giggle, possibly a boogie, and be a fly on the wall to capture all the special moments. If you’re enjoying yourself then the rest comes easy. When you’re surrounded by people who love you, it’s hard not to smile.




Born in Auckland, New Zealand to Australian parents, I came back home to Sydney as the ultimate kiwi souvenir. Growing up with a creative, free spirited, confident, art teacher of a mum, and an analytical, problem solver, yet extremely charming fellow of a father, I seemed to find myself somewhere in the middle.

I had a passion for photography from a young age. In early years of high school I would pick up National Geographic magazines in waiting rooms and sit there drooling over the photography. I began to start looking at everything around me like I was framing it up to be a photographed. As much as I was stirred with passion for photography, I was quite a realistic child and not too much of a dreamer so was quite dismissive to any crazy aspirations I had at the time.

At the end of 2010 I decided to move schools to study Photography for my HSC and at the end of 2012 I was blessed to be offered a scholarship to a private arts school in Sydney, studying Visual Communications majoring in Photography. I loved studying the human psychology of how we read visual images and how these affect emotion and connect us to memories. How photography could capture a small but special, moment in time.

Working from the front desk of one of Sydney’s biggest photography studios while studying and evolved my own photography business wasn’t easy but I am nothing but unbelievably grateful for the opportunities I have had to photograph weddings, couples, special events, births and families.