Summer baby, August Fox, was born to parents Colin and Leah. Leah being a social media blogger, director and owner of ‘The Dearest Days’, it wasn’t an option not to have such a special moment in their life documented. Both Leah and Colin may have just been the calmest and most zen parents I have ever met. Entering their hospital room I was welcomed by the relaxing sounds of Bon Ive, Leah and Colin both relaxed and in complete control.

August was a little overcooked, conceived a few weeks after his due date. Once Leah was in labour his birth came quickly. Unfortunately due to this I missed the main event by minutes. I suppose babies come when they want to, as much as you prepare and pack all your gear into your car weeks prior. It’s the most unplanned part of this job but I love how it keeps me on my toes.


The day after August was born I visited the family in hospital to capture the sibling meet between August and older sister Eva. Eva was very excited to meet her new baby brother, coming into the room with a ‘I love you’ ballon and new soft toy for August. Eva still pointing to Leah’s stomach saying “baby” was suprised to see her new little brother all wrapped up in the bassinet. August, less than one day old, was already so curious and alert to this surrounding. He received nothing short of a hundred kisses from sister Eva.




Was super excited when I was asked to photograph the birth of the second little family member added to the Hinton family. A new little friend for Indi! Kate’s labour was a lot faster this time round so it was much more of a dash to the hospital.  As I hastily entered the room, catching my own breath, I could see Kate trying to catch her own. Pushing was definitely underway so I swung out my camera and it was only minutes before we met Hadley.

He was so much smaller than Indi, so precious and delicate, with the sweetest little button nose. When Ian had his first skin-to-skin cuddle, I noticed the hairs on Hadley’s head almost like liked Ian’s chest hairs and had a little chuckle.

Welcome to the world Hadley.


The day Hadley was brought home from hospital I came over to visit for newborn photos. When I arrived Hadley was sound asleep, curled into a ball. In only a few days I have forgotten how small and tiny he was. He could almost fit inside my pocket.

We then went to visit the property that Kate and Ian were married at. The people who owned the property were close family friends of the Niccol’s. The property was still as beautiful as ever. Surrounded by lush paddocks and beautiful stables, it was a dream spot. The house was made with sandstone and high glass windows drenched the rooms in sunlight.

We bathed Indi and Hadley there in the kitchen basin.  

Now must I say… having a good shot of a baby and toddler together wasn’t easy... Both were in the basins for about 10 seconds before Indi was splashing around and Hadley was crying. It was all hands in, Ian, Kate and Kate’s mother, to try and calm them down.

Very confident Indi was not very impressed with this new little brother who she had to share attention with. Very stubborn and also quite comical, Indi would shake her head and walk off if someone was to say “kiss Hadley” or “where’s your new little brother?”

I kinda get you Indi... If someone asked me to share something like chocolate I would probably do the same.




How do you feel when your boss asks you to photograph the birth of his first baby? 50% excited and 50% pressure is on… ha!

I have loved working for Clayton for 3 years now and was so excited when I found out his wife Mel was pregnant after they had been trying for some time. Clayton was the tattooed toughie, coming to work on his Harley, but gosh would he soon melt into a puddle on the floor and become the biggest softie for his own baby.

When I arrived at the hospital for the birth I was taken into a waiting room because Mel had to go in for a earlier cesarean. I waited for about 2 hours before I got a text from Clayton that he had to go with the baby to get some check ups and Mel was in the room now by herself. Unsure whether I should go into the room and at least reassure Mel I was there or let her be private, I decided to at least knock on the door and let her know I was happy to wait with her or down the hall.

 I opened the door and before I got a word in Mel reached out her hand. I ran up to her and have her a squeeze as she broke down into tears. All being such an emotional experience and now not being in this room by herself unsure of the state of her new baby was overwhelming. Reassuring her that her new little boy was alright I showed Mel pictures Clayton was sending me to relieve the worry of not knowing.

Mel and I spent a few hours together, we chatted about pregnancy, my week, her week, boys, food and all those important things. All while consuming about 4 litres of water from copious refills of the very small plastic hospital cups.  

When Clayton arrived in the room with Phoenix, Mel and I both breathed out a sign of with relief. Stuck in a gaze as we met this small and delicate little being, already so fascinated in his surroundings.




When I found out Kate and Ian were expecting their first baby I was over the moon. Photographing their wedding a few years prior and living quite locally to her family we stayed in contact ever since. When Kate asked me to photograph the birth of their first baby I was speechless. I knew how personal this moment would be so felt so honoured that they trusted me to be there for it.

At this point I had never photographed anything like this so the idea was exciting and frightening at the same time. I knew I was a bit of a squirmier even watching my dog get an injection let alone watching a birth so started to do my research... And yes, I did watch birth videos on YouTube…

When I got the call to go to the hospital because Kate was 8cm I remember spending the entire half hour driving there just praying for Kate, Ian and their baby.  I entered the room to see Ian being his beautiful self and giving Kate a back rub as she lay on her side. Kate seemed quite uncomfortable but also very resilient.

The contractions were still a little apart from one another so I encouraged Ian to go get something to eat and I would keep Kate company. We had a good catch up but it wasn’t long before the next contraction started. The midwife came into the room and encouraged Kate to start pushing, although I was quite hesitant because Ian just left to dash downstairs. The midwife showed me how to support her leg up as she pushed, so camera was down and pushing was on.

It wasn’t long before the Ian was back and the doctor soon after. It all happened so quickly and it was all so, so amazing. In the time I flicked straight to photographer mode and nothing I was seeing made me feel squirmish but actually was the most beautiful experience. Ian was down with the doctor helping bring the baby out and emotion filled both Ian and Kate’s face when they met their new little baby girl, Indigo. I drove home that night crying, so, so happy!